increase speed on rad runner, with rad rhino control screen


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I bought a rad runner and was sold on electric bikes, so i bought a Rad Rhino for myself and plan to give the rad runner to my partner, who to my surprice really liked the runner. I think the small wheels and step through frame, seem less intimidating to a less confident cyclist. Anyway back to my question, i have increased the max speed etc on my rhino as it has the higher spec control screen. Reading on the forums, it seems the only way to increase the top speed of Rad Runner, is to buy the better control screen option from rad or snip the white wire coming from the motor?.

I'm not really that keen to snip the wires, and also don't want to buy a screen as my partner likes the simplicity of the runner control panel.

Now, i suddenly thought, is the screen just used as the device to program the controller on the frame? So if i took my screen from my rhino, plugged it into the runner, did the speed restriction adjustment and then put the original runner handle bar control back on, would the main controller remember what i had adjusted? or would it revert back to what was on the original runner control?

What are you thoughts on this?


Really don't know as I swapped another controller entirely. Try it out, you just have to screw/unscrew a few screws and plug/unplug a few cables.

Can't see how it might hurt. I would try it out.


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The white wire is the speed signal coming from the motor.
That hack might work on bikes that don't have a speedo.
On the Rhino, I'm pretty sure snipping that white wire is going to kill your speedometer.


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When I got my Rad Rover a couple years ago there was an adjustment that could be made on the current screen to increase the speed. It work for me. You might want to do a search on the forum to retrieve that information.