Infinity Pedal Clips (Infinite Engagement Positions) on Kickstarter


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Its a Kickstarter project offering round pedals that have Infinite Engagement Positions (IEP) and Self Guiding Engagement (SGE).

Lightest combination of function and form on the market. Here is the weight, pedals, cleats, bolts and all. The titanium version will be around 190 g. The engagement mechanism only has one moving part making it incredibly tough and you can rebuild it if it ever needs to be freshened up.



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This is pretty cool, the idea that you can connect with the pedal in any position without having to rotate it around. Sometimes when I ride with those two-sided pedals that let you use regular shoes on one side and clip-ins on the other it can be a real pain to line them up right to clip in.

I like what I see here, the cylinder has a spring in the middle and when you go to clip in the cylinder compacts and then springs back out to engage with your shoe clips. The Kickstarter video is really cool and sort of shows this.

Thanks for sharing Andrew!