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I've installed the 8Fun 750W on my old cheapie Schwinn 700c Third Ave. Initial testing is impressive. Installation went well, I acquired a 48V 15ah Samsung cell Li from CaliBike. I mounted it on the cargo rack above the rear wheel. Over the last 2 days and 40+ miles of riding I have found I rarely have to shift gears. I have some inclines around here but not hilly by any stretch. Max elevation from my Strava data is 190ft. I set 4 PA levels and I have installed the throttle. I have a 7 speed rear cassette. I usually stay in 6th gear, PA2. This gives me good cadence, tolerable resistance level and an average 17mph speed. I have hit 28mph in level 3 but anything over 20 isn't safe on this walmart bike. At least thats how I feel. I find if going up grade I simply put PA 3. This is easier than changing gears. I downshift on the larger hills especially If I am going to be at a stop sign and have to start from stop. I use my rear break lever just a bit, v-pads not engaged but motor cuts when I shift...kind of like the clutch on my motorcycle so I find it easy to do. 2 20 mile rides on very warm days, only 1 bar off battery and motor hardly warm at the end. So far, so good. This winter, I will be putting this system on my Trek Excaliber 9 hardtail.


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all sounds good, congrates. I think you will find an even better experience when you set it up on your trek. I got my kit setup on a poor bike also and ever single bump is so much more aggressive at speed. I think, and would hope, the ride would be much nice with a little suspension up front.


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Initial testing is impressive. Installation went well
Great....what you've described when riding is about what I've experienced. Only use 2 or 3 gears on the cassette, not very often 4th for really steep inclines. The left brake handle motor clutch becomes 2nd nature. PA levels 2/3 at least 80% of the time.

I'll bet you'll really appreciate the set-up when you change it to your Trek (as James suggests)

Have fun!

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Great feedback, chixter! nice to have details about how the system performs on inclines (and an old Schwinn bike!) You're definitely gonna fly on that Trek. Load some pictures, please.