Initial thoughts on new Hyperscorpion


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These are just some of my initial thoughts on my new Juiced Hyperscorpion. Purchased my Hyperscorpion on 06/15/2020, and received it on 08/06/2020.

Everything came is good condition with the exception of several screws. Several screws were bent on handlebar attachment (manual with all the screw sizes would be helpful.)! How they got bent is beyond me as there was no other damage.

This sucker is heavy!

Poor product documentation. Would be nice to have a real product manual with recommended torques & sizes for each screw/adjustment/location, and all the settings on the computer. A video is great, but just not enough, or very professional. A recommended lubrication/maintenance page would help too. Troubleshooting pages would probably help cut down on number of calls/emails into support also.

Better pricing for an additional battery. $1,299.00 is just stupid high!

Wasted space under the seat extension would be better utilized with the original design with under seat storage.

Some kind of cross bar to hold phone/camera/gps would be nice. I have yet to find an aftermarket one that fits well. Please post a reply if you have any recommendations for this or other accessories. Although Juiced pretty much covered almost all of the extras/accessories I could think of!

Did I say that this sucker is heavy? I already have a folding Lectric XP eBike, but much prefer my Juiced Hyperscorpion. Although taking a bike to a different location to ride in my area means I default to the Lectric XP since I can load it in my Toyota 4Runner. The weight is problematic for transporting the Hyperscorpion, so offering a hitch mounted carrier or a recommendation would be helpful.

Persistent squeak on the front wheel is annoying, and have not been able to rectify it yet. Any help/advice here is appreciated.

Even with all of the above, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and would not hesitate to recommend the Hyperscorpion to anyone considering an eBike. It fits my needs completely. I have been stopped many times by people asking where I got it, and how much it cost.