Install electric on PFIFF Capo?

Thomas Jaszewski

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So I got it all put together and working. The hub motor from E-Bike kits, with the 9-speed freewheel, did not fit in my frame but when I scaled back to a 7-speed freewheel it worked fine. I got a 48V Super Shark battery from EM3EV, and Grin's Bottle Bobs to mount it.

And that Amazon reviewer is right, it is tippy. But I am still very pleased with it. I am alert enough to keep all three wheels on the ground, and I am super pleased to be able to stretch my legs with the pedal assist. And it's just super nifty; I am loving messing with it.

Already looking for my next impractical ride. What do you guys think about quadracycles? :)

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Excellent choices! Well done!
By the way, Bob is an active poster here. I can’t reveal who it is but he’s a swell fella and I love selling his adapters from Grin!