Installing a 400w scooter motor to a 20" BMX... is it practical??


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Hello anyone interested enough to read :)

I got the idea not too long ago to convert my Mongoose BMX to an electric assist bike and I recently bought a used 400w Currie Electro Drive model XYD-6D scooter motor with hopes of compatability. A 24v 22A battery pack that mounts comfortably and safely to the bike frame will be custom made in China and accounts for about 2/3 of all expenses, including the bike I bought used for $30. But that isn't the issue. Well, hopefully there isn't an issue at all.

My question is, since the motor's drive gear has #25 teeth (not "standard bike chain" size, but smaller links made primarily for electric scooters) can I buy a freewheel and sprocket that will install to my bike's back wheel hub and have #25 teeth? I've been browsing and it looks like they have what I need. I think. The size 35mm keeps coming up and I don't know if that will work... can't match them for size because this is all online. I'm still such a noob with some of this stuff, so go easy on me for my uneducatedness in this matter, ok? X)