Insurance for Electric Bike Shops to do Ebike Tours & Rentals


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Hi guys, I was cleaning out my bag (just got back from a long road trip filming new reviews) and had this flier from Insurance Services of Westlake. These guys offer insurance that makes e-bike rentals and tours possible for electric bike shops. This is not an ad for them, I'm not being paid for this, please chime in if you know of other good resources that might compliment or compete with them, my goal is only to help guide shops that are currently selling and repairing ebikes and want to expand their businesses into rentals and tours :)

Pedego is the obvious leader in this space right now, they have flagship single-brand shops all around the world in beautiful spots doing electric bike tours. I believe they may even use this insurance provider to make that possible. As a franchise sort of business, it looks like Pedego builds websites for their shops, do videos, and offersa template to run the store and do tours. I'm not sure what percentage of income from a Pedego store comes from their rentals and tours vs. sales and repairs? It's probably location dependent. My goal with this post and background info is to offer up some info that could be useful to other shops.

You can reach ISU Insurance Services of Westlake at their website: and via phone at (800) 409-2881. It appears that they operate in all 50 US states and I spoke with Lora Van Dixhorn but never got to meet her in person before I had to move to the next location for filming... otherwise I would have done a video interview :)

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