Interested in a Revolve 60+, amongst a few other choices in the $2k area


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I've been looking for an ebike to replace my motorcycle, NYC isn't too fun for a full size ride anymore. My main use case is commuting (10-12 miles each way, mostly flat city riding with 2 large bridges), and exploring the city. The Revolve 60+ caught my eye for its range, tires, and twist grip. I haven't seen much about it on the internet aside from the excellent review on the forum and wanted to get some feedback from someone who has had one for a while to get some long term thoughts on the bike

I have also been interested in the Malibu Sport(prefered riding seat, fully featured), NCM Moscow Plus(Great all around value and slightly enhanced range), and Espin Sport(nice price and feature set), and would welcome insite onto any of those models as well.


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The dual battery on that Revolve model will let you do two round trips, but there is a weight penalty, the bike weighs 70lb. The 672wh battery on the e-lux Malibu Sport is pretty standard and will let you do a round trip plus one way, I keep a charger at work so if you can do that the bike weighs 60lb. The NCM Moscow + has a bigger battery and its very much an eMTB you will want to add fenders and a rack for urban commuting. The Espin Sport comes with those, weighs 55lb, and has a decent size battery 653wh, but I would suggest also looking at the Espin Flow model which has the same motor/battery but with a step-through - add the racks and a spare charger to keep at work and you're good to go.