Interested in Currie fleet for Canada...

Jerry Williams

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I have tried to call currie but no one will return my call...looking for possible fleet for canada rentals..

I am in Victoria, BC, Canada and I am looking purchasing 25 (or so) e-bikes for a rental fleet. Mainly catering to the tourist crowd in the downtown area. Can anyone recommend some manufacturers that I may want to look at. I am looking for a rugged bike that can handle rental fairly long range battery and trying to keep my investment down around $1000 per bike if possible. I also need to take delivery in Canada before April 15th.

Thanks for your time and information.

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Ann M.

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@Jerry Williams don't know what phone number you were using for Currie Tech, they have a specific program for rental bikes and would fit your price requirements--maybe some IZip Zumas or Metros. Consider contacting Prodeco Tech, they have more bikes available at the price point you want. OHM bikes are definitely great bikes and Crazy Lenny is right; Michael DeVisser is a very responsive manufacturer; however, your price will be a bit higher. Not necessarily bad, if the bikes are more durable and less maintenance for your shop.