interested in this quest max folder, questions


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wondering if anyone has ridden this vs the tern vektron and how they compare stability wise/ride wise

the max folder checks more boxes than any other folder I am looking at, but wish I could add a suspension fork and hydraulic brakes

any feedback on either quest model would be appreciated


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unfortunately that won't be possible, but I realize none of them will ride great

considering the haibike radius tour partly because of the more solid ride
of course you lose the folding aspect

always a trade off somewhere...

do you have one of the quest bikes and dislike the ride?


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No. But if I was to buy a small-wheeled Ebike it would be a mini-bike type as a camp play bike - like the Juiced ones.
Even if you can't test-ride the one you want to buy, at least try one similar, make sure you like the style.

The RadCity comes to mind as an alternative - nicely done, rides nice, 26" wheels.. Aventon Pace is another. Even the RadRover, now $1200 or so - utility, big hub-drive, integrated rack.


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Those are not folders and i have several other ebikes meeting those criteria

agree on test riding if you can
i have had an ebike folder similar to what i am looking at and am regretting selling it, that is why i am buying another