InterLock Seatpost Lock

Blue Bill

I picked up an InterLock seat post lock from MEC in Toronto the other day. This was a funded Kickstarter project.

It comes in two sizes 25.4 & 27.2 My ST1 has a 31.6 seatpost so I had to drop in a 27.2 to 31.6 seatpost shim (available at a local bicycle shop). This is not my primary lock on my Stromer ST1, but a convenient and handy secondary lock with the added bonus of being a seatpost lock.

interlock-seat-post-lock.jpg interlock-bike-lock.png

The silver ring is a 4.4mm seat post shim. Second photo from the InterLock website.

Blue Bill

My wife saw it on Kickstarter and wanted one for her bicycle. We were about to order it online when I came across it locally at MEC for $49 CDN. We both think they're great. It's not designed for those high crime neighbourhoods but when used with my primary lock I'm hoping it adds enough deterrent to make a thief think twice. It's really great for an outdoor café where you bicycle is visible as it's really quick to deploy and store.

Here's a link to a review on bikerumor. Seems they're adding a 31.6mm post to the lineup in the future.


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Yeah that's a cool idea for sure. I'm running a BodyFloat seat post system at the moment so it wouldn't work for me. None the less it's a decent idea!:D