Intermittent fault (wrench symbol)/motor power loss - 2018 Shred 10.4 Ah battery


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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but have been a lurker since May last year when I was researching which E-bike I wanted to purchase. I landed on a 2018 Surface604 Shred (10.4 Ah battery) and have been using it as a daily commuter for the last year with almost no problems (3500 km now on the bike).

Lately I've encountered an intermittent power loss issue. Symptoms:

- complete loss of power from the motor
- wrench symbol appears on the display. Manual says this is a 'fault' indicator
- occasionally a '30' appears in the speed display
- battery level flashes zero state of charge then returns to normal
- can't get any power/assist back from the motor unless I stop and power cycle the bike
- seems to happen at random times/ loads (torque)/ speeds/ PAS levels/ ambient temperatures

I've checked the battery connectors but they seem normal. Anyone else experiencing this problem?? For those who are experienced with Bafang equipment anything else I should check?


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An update to this problem. I replaced my brake pads, which were nearly all gone, and haven't had any of the above mentioned issues since (20 rides).

I also had my rear cassette, freehub and chain replaced. I'm not sure how replacement of any of these parts would affect power output but the fault seems to be gone. Perhaps the motor inhibitors in the brake lever weren't disengaging because of the worn pads? It's unclear.

Side note about Tektro brake pads for the Dorado HD-E725. The mechanic couldn't get pads direct from Tektro. He said they've been discontinued. However Shimano D02S pads are a suitable replacement.