Interview with Pro Kayaker Mom Emily Jackson About Electric Cargo Bikes


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Hi guys! A while back, when I was attending the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail Colorado 2021, I got to meet professional kayaker Emily Jackson. She owns a Benno Boost, and we started talking about electric cargo bikes. I asked if she would do an interview, and she said yes! This is a short interview where she explains how she takes her kids around, how her husband uses the bike, and whether she feels it's worth the price.

Emily, her husband, and their two young kids travel around the world in their truck and camper trailer, competing in outdoor sporting events. Emily is super active and involved with stuff, but since the family only has one car, she wanted a sustainable active way to have some independent transportation. It sounds like she was a bit nervous about ebikes at first, but the natural pedal assist won her over and now her favorite level is Boost :p

Emily and her family are going to be featured in a TV show on Outside TV called Great Family Adventure where she learns how to mountain bike and has some fun traveling and competing. They also run a kayaking guide company, called Jackson Kayak. As usual, this was just a fun informal interview, not paid content or anything, I just wanted to help promote her projects since she was gracious with her time :)


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This was very cool, she had tons of positive Mojo! I shared it to my Facebook page earlier today!