Introducing myself and the eBike Charging Station I designed


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I'm a new member from Belgium. Although I did not have an account here before, I discovered this site while researching which eBikes to buy last year. It has provided me with lots of valuable information that allowed us to make well informed decisions. Thanks!

Our family has two eBikes now: my wife has a Dutch ID Infinity A8 Belt (Gen. 3 Bosch Active Line Plus, Alfine 8, Deore M6000, Gates CDX Belt drive 128T, Bosch PowerTube 500Wh) and our eldest daughter has a Victoria eTrekking 7.3 (Gen. 3 Bosch Active Line Plus, Nexus 7, Magura HS22, Bosch Frame PowerPack 400Wh). Both use their eBikes almost daily: my wife for her commute and my daughter to go to the university campus (until the corona virus struck and she had to follow most classes remotely). Both destinations are about 10 km one way and over hilly terrain. Here are some pictures of their bikes:


Both eBikes came with a Bosch eBike Systems Standard Charger (4 ampere). However, we did not have a good way to store the battery chargers (they were often left laying on the ground, and the bikes ran regularly over the cables). It was also impractical to use a plug-in timer for charging without an extension cord, as all wall outlets in our garage have protective lids. Therefore, I designed a 3d-print that solves all of the above problems in one go: the eBike Charging Station. Here are some pictures of it:


The first one while it is active charging a bike. The second one when it serves as storage for the inactive charger, with neat cable management, out of the way, and right were it will be needed for the next charging cycle.

Because I love the idea that my eBike Charging Station would be used by eBike users all over the world, I made it freely available on #PrusaPrinters. This is also the main reason why I became a member of this forum, hoping to connect with other eBike enthusiasts that find my solution useful and want to give it a try. Since it is primarily intended for eBike users with a Bosch drive unit, I will create a follow up thread to promote it in the Bosch Forum.