Introduction and help identifying a bike


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Hello all. My name is Frank and I'm in Oakland ('Almost-Clermont") Florida. New to e-bikes; didn't even know they were a thing until recently. Haven't even ridden a bike in 35 years until 2 weeks ago.

I got this bike for $150 (free bike, just paid for new batteries) recently and I have no idea what it is. They said they think it's Italian.

No branding anywhere on it. If anyone can identify it or offer some guidance I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the site and electric bike riding.
Great price, great color for Florida. I suppose these were 24 v sealed lead acid batteries? That indicates a really old bike.


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Three 12v SLA actually. The voltage gauge on the "dashboard" reads 48 or 50v so it may be underpowered. It feels a bit weak but hopefully if I get a decent tax return I can get a better one with actual documentation.
Thanks for the reply.