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Hi All in The Electric Ebike Review.Com world; we are a Long Range Ebike Tourism Global IPR model currently completing our Patents and Eurovelo and Global Politicals after our 20,000kms of ebike tests Jan 2019 - 27 Jan 2021. We conducted our ebike tests to a proof of concept of a standard ebiking day in Europe of 300kms in 12hrs and 12 minutes at nightime on dirt trails with 25kgs of equipment; non similar ebike batteries 36v and 48v; non similar battery connectors; heavy Class 3 ebikes and our Carbon Fibre and titanium prototypes with patent levels of Long Range E-Mobility (Blueberry Aerospace IPR). We joined this forum as missed out on getting back to Eurovelo Summer ebiking with 4 million ebikes testbedding in the European Union; and thus pass on aspects of ebiking as our ebike system has been in existance since 2006; due to covid we decided to finalise with the technology available mass market whilst retaining our Blueberry Aerospace levels and Standards. We hope to provide some insight into the vision of the global tourism based on e-mobility platforms; fashion and cultural products in the covid affected supply chain systems; regional and cultural protections of political level tourisms into previously unseen by westerners areas of Russia; Persia (Iran) and Soviet era archectures; also Arctic regions with specialised patent level ebike systems above the Eurovelo networks current ambitions due to the covid affected 2-10 years supply chain and design limitings. Our experiences in Australia might provide life saving knowledge in certain aspects of 100 year old technology on 2021 ebike frames; braking systems; and operational considerations (without disclosing or profiting from goodwill discussion in the public forum). We hope ebikers globally can provide needed collaberations also; as we have reached our limit in Australia and overwintering the European Summer unexpectedly. We are a private ABN registered yet will be participating in the forums as citizens in general discussions and hope this is clear as our IPR is protected (globally). We are thinking of ebikes are a completely new industrial basis for tourism globally at patent level (our tourism model is a Aerospace network system with Tourism capability to maritime; aviation, and entertainment sectors with fashion and automotive lateral economies stimulations). So much for long introductions and glad to join public ebike discussions when can. Regards, Randolph and J (Great Trails Eco Tours Professional Long Range Ebiking Guides)