Introduction, new Stromer ST1 Elite (33) owner.


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Hi all,

I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks. Your posting on this forum helped me to make my decision and to purchase a used Stromer ST1 Elite (33). So thank you! I am very happy with my purchase.

I live in So. Cal. and am using the bike to commute approximately 12-14 miles each day both ways. As a background, I am almost 40, used to be in great shape (road biking and mountain biking regularly). I shattered my tibial plateau about 3 years ago skiing (freak thing, caught an edge and went down, thought I was fine and skied down on one ski.... got on the lift and by the time I was on the top my knee was swollen so much I couldn't get my pants off) and the knee hasn't been the same since.

Ever since the accident my bikes have been collecting dust in the garage (a nice Felt road bike and a old Klein full suspension). So... a bit fatter, a bit less in shape... I thought I should do something about it.

I had previously seen the Stromers when I lived in Manhattan and remember them being super pricey... plus what was all this electric crap!?

Over the last couple of month I ran across this forum and the Swiss forum for Stromer ( After test riding the eFlow E3 Nitro and the Stromer, I was sold.

I digress, thanks again... and I will try to contribute to the forum as there is not enough dialog about these wonderful bikes.


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So, I did a 16 mile ride (lots of hills) and had about 23% battery left with the support maxed. Good ride, got plenty of exercise.

My 12-14 mile daily commute take almost the whole battery with setting maxed. Very hilly.