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Hello everyone here at EBR, I'm glad to be joining the community and have just began looking into the e-bike movement. I feel that being here I will learn lots of helpful information. Should any respond to my post please be patient as I know nothing of what i'm doing and have a slight mental condition, (comprehension). I'm old and poor so any and everything I'll be working on will be self applied. Currently I'm trying to work on wiring a simple 7 wire controller that has a f/r switch and pot for speed control. I also have a twist throttle 7 wires with voltage display and forward/reverse switch I can't get right. I know it should be simple. but its cheap. I've added images so if anybody got the straight scoop about this in simple terms I would appreciate some help setting up. 4239642397


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Welcome to the site.
Never heard of a f/r switch on a bicycle. Maybe on a wheelbarrow.
My kit came with power wheel, throttle, two switched brake handles, terminal block for battery connection, terminal block for gn yl bu motor wires. matched the colors on the motor wires to the controller wires, plugged everything else up the only way it could go. Made a splice harness from the XT90 connector the luna battery came with to the spade lugs the terminal block for battery required. Red to red, black to black. Very simple, nearly fool proof. Use a klein or ideal crimp tool for crimp on spade terminals. The terminals from auto or electrical supply are best, dorman, ideal, T&B, panduit, 3m. The terminals from amazon ebay & radio shack melt out at 30 amps.