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Hello, e-bikers!
From Madison, WI
My wife & I purchased our bikes early May, 2020. We put on >2,100 miles before winter. We rode almost every day, fully enjoying the thrill of the ride.
No hill is too high, no road is too long, nor wind is too strong.
My wife has a Trek Verve+ 2, I have a Trek Verve+ 3.
(We also ride acoustic bikes at our winter home in AZ -- taking our e-bikes with us next winter.)
I purchased a Trek Allant+ 7s early May, 2021 -- and am keeping my Verve+ 3 for friends and family to ride.
The 7s is an amazingly fun and energetic bike. I have ridden >200 miles in 2 weeks.
We also organize and run weekly group rides with our pickleball friends who also have e-bikes.
Madison is known for spectacular bike paths. We are fortunate to link-up to the path network within a mile from our home giving us access to many different trails.
We recently purchased our long-awaited Kuat NV 2.0 car carrier and will be venturing far and wide this summer.
Best to you all.
Anyone from the Madison, WI area -- would love to hear from you.
Joe (Sparky)


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Hello Sparky732, welcome to EBR, happy to hear that you and your wife are enjoying the sport of riding. Please send along some photos of your travels and make sure to ride safe and responsibly. Good luck to both of you.