Introductions...then straight into your opinions


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Morning everyone, newbie here from the northwest of England. Just getting back into mtb probably due to lockdown and not being able to ride my KTM enduro. Really enjoying it at the moment, currently got a full sus bike but researching ebikes as 9/10 I see on rides has one! I’m fancying a good spec hard tail ebike but can’t decide if I should go full sus ebike, even though I’ve got a full sus mountain bike. I’ve been reading up on the canyon ebike hardtail but disappointed for the cost you only get fox float 34. I’m looking for suggestions on both hardtail and full sus ebikes. Budget £3-£5k. Any comments very much welcome.


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For mtbing full suspension. Travel will depend on how steep your trails but typically 140-170mm. Don't buy entry level, go for mid level spec or higher. Quality suspension on full sus mtb is the most important thing, most other components can be easily upgraded.

Commuting, touring and gentle forest trails, hard tails are fine. Still worth spending extra on higher spec with air fork.