Intuvia shutting down randomly (problem solved!!! hurray!)


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At last, after 2 months of searching forums and dealers, I've pined down the problem!

Ok, I've been reading a lot of thread with the same issues, and many of you gave me good hints in how to solved them, I thank you.
Now here's a recap of my last 2 month:

Model: Felt Lebowsk-E
Bosch performance line
intuvia system
400 powerpack

Code 532,
speed display shutting down,
lost of power,
intuvia shutting down and reboot (or not),
battery terminal corrosion,
all togheter or independently.

So I've been riding my bike for about 9 months, all good until the first flaw appeared. One solid bump and then the system shut down. Nothing panicking. but a week after that, it became more frequent on smaller bump. Then one day it was on start up, Code 532, system shut down. So I decided to investigate, quickly I found some green stuff on the charger , battery and bike electric terminal. As we cutely call it in french (vert de gris) wich is very beautiful on old copper roof but is a mess on electrical connection!

So I wiped it off and continued using my bike. After another week, it was a nighmare, system would shut down avery 2 minutes. I tried cleaning every thing but it did nothing, tried to check on the sensor, the battery , the intuvia, the motor. Maybe its a bad connection, maybe the intuvia needs a charge, maybe its the motor protecting itself... a lot of maybes..

I couldn't reproduce the flaw at will, tried shaking the bike, the battery, the intuvia in my garage to see were that was coming from, nothing happened, So you can guess my dealer didn't see anything ether in the shop. But every time I took it out, after 5 minutes, it shutted down randomly.

So as a mechanical technician myself, I decided to proceed with diligence and methods.

Here's my cure:
I knew green stuff is from copper corrosion, found out the last terminal on the bike and on the charger are copper plated, wich is pretty dumb, copper is an excellent electrical conductor but very sensitive on weather, so bad choice for a bike electrical system! I don't know about you, but I like to do my biking outside...
So I cleaned everything with contact cleaner made for electric wiring connection,than applied some dielectric grease.
It reduced the flaws but not totally.
Than i noted down the display every time it happened: speed, assistance level, outdoor temperature, time form start...
I discovered that it only happened when power was transmitting to the motor, like when you start pedalling after a red light or stop. Also speed display was shutting down 2 times before intuvia would shut down entirely. Like a protection from the system.
Code 532 is not on the troubleshooting page of Bosch, not in english nor in french, but it happened to be in the spannish version! Corrosion in the power transmitting system.
Last thing is something I readed in this forum, distance adjustement in the batterie locking part. My battery was loose just a bit.

So it was all this together, Corrosion on the terminal connection and to much play in the locking adjustement to the battery causing electric arcking when you hit a bump, wich the system doesn't like, the smallest arc cause the system to shutdown.

So here's how to solve it:

1- Clean all the connection with electric contact cleaner. get rid of the green stuff quickly before it migrate to the wiring!
2- apply a smal amount of di-electric grease on connections, battery and intuvia
3- thighten the battery lock onto the stand so the battery is really stiff in position, not shaking
4- always use à connector's pins protection on the bike when you remove the powerpack.

5- inspect frequently

No e-bike should come out of the dealer's shop without di-electric grease on every connection. unless you really like aftersell services!


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Does anyone know where that Bosch connector pin cover can be purchased in US?