Is A2B still in business?


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I found what looks like a great deal on some A2B bikes, but it is not clear to me that the company is still in business. I may still get a bike, but I would like to know if there is any kind of meaningful warrantee before I buy.

Ann M.

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No, @Mookie, and any A2B that you buy probably will need a new battery or the current one rebuilt, so I recommend you walk away from those bikes. Here's why:

A2B formerly known as UltraMotor, was abandoned by their Indian owners, Hero Eco, who made a tremendous investment in time and $$ trying to resuscitate the company after it's difficulty finding new dealers and failure selling in big box stores. All of this was complicated with ongoing problems with the internal battery in the Metro and issues with their first version of the Ultra Motor hub motor that had to be replaced in almost every bike they built (this is the same motor that the very first Stromer ebikes used) along with controller issues related to that first motor design. However, the big split came when Hero Eco started marketing really cheap regular bikes in the US. A2B felt this really degraded the image of the company as a manufacturer of premium ebikes and the 2 companies worked out some sort of agreement about independence. At that time, A2B had launched one of the early 28-30mph ebikes about the same time that Currie Tech/Izip did but at a much higher price (nicer features but significantly heavier bike). At some point over the next few years, Hero Eco quit funding A2B in the US and only focused a little bit on the more successful branch in the UK. Even in the UK, operations seem to have ceased and we cannot get parts for support here.