Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?


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what about carrying a dozen of hamsters😉🐁🐀🐀 , using a box with a wheel, could they recharge it faster then a solar panel ??
that is research in the name of science, plus they will get to exercise, so no animal cruelty.
and carry them in a trailer ...

curios if that's actually faster then a solar panel.
would an enhanced genetically modified (very muscular) rat would be stronger ?

or a portable folding wind turbine ?? +hamsters..that would have a compound effect.

any and all ideas above are Copyright@ebiker01 !!!
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that should solve charging on the go.

or any other small or medium size animal capable of generating sufficient effort to charge a 48v battery would suffice.


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What is meant by "fast charging" anyway? Bike batteries don't do as well with fast charging as they do with relatively slower charging. My Rad battery takes about 6 hours to charge on a 2 amp charger. I have a 5 amp charger which cuts the time down to about 2.4 hours, which is faster than I really like to charge. Still, that would be a long stop at a coffee shop. I'd rather carry a spare battery than sit waiting on my battery that long.

I'm sure faster charging is possible, but at what point do you risk blowing something up? I'm being fairly serious. And don't many batteries have limits on how fast they should be charged?

Aside from all that, what kind of (safe) fast(er) charging technology is available now?

If you could get a decent top-up charge in half an hour, for what, $2 or $3?, that might be nice. Otherwise, and really, even still for me, carrying a spare battery would probably be preferred.

Well said. These were all my concerns as soon as I saw this post. Battery degradation is my key question with these super quick charging alternatives. I was always under the impression that it is not good for overall battery health or for the longevity of the Li-ion cells in the long term.

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I would be nice if City's purchased these and made them available as stand alone stations along bike paths. I see eBike charging infastructure as something that will happen sooner rather than later once cities see the revenue older eBikers bring to the table. The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville SC is already eyeing commerce along the trail.
Gee, I hope this trend begins to spread to other major city rails to trails, etc. Forget about extra batteries, just tote along the charger and you are set. No more range anxiety. In addition, post the stand alone charging stations on trail maps so you know where the next station is moving forward.

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Totally uninformed clueless opinion.
They are 4amps b/c they are cheap to make.

Boomer , before you spread fear and viruses Please Do some Studying besides reading Ebr .

A12.6 battery charging at 6 amp is barely 0.5C . But that you have ZERO clue of what it scientifically means.

Most ebike batteries are At least 11amps, safe to charge at 6amps, the cheap ones maybe even at higher rates up to 1C which is 11amps , as the BMS won’t interfere.

That’s why Grey Ebike a 10k ebike has a 10amp fast charger.

Even Bosch has released 6amp fast chargers available for purchase. 200$ no less. Grin is only 325$ and can charge 36/48/52v and 50x more options + software updates and battery cell data.
Calm down snapper head. We are all here to share opinions and information. If you disagree, not a bad idea to be a bit more eloquent and NOT on the attack. No need for name calling either. Not within administrative policy on the forum. Peace and Cheers!


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If we can get a charging standard lets get a battery standard and have rentals. for those who use gas grills something similar to this would be awesome ...just dreaming on a rainy no ride day,