Is it just me or is nobody complaining about their Trek/Bosch ebikes?


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I see new complaints/issues about every day in the General Discussion or specific Brand threads. What I don’t see is anyone complaining about their Trek ebikes or the Bosch motors they use. Is it that Trek/Bosch owners don’t have problems or that they take their problems to their local Trek dealer?
I know I’ve had mine since May, have almost 950 miles on it and have had zero issues beyond a battery lock that was fixed within two hours.
Yes it is true. You purchased the best name brand, major manufacturer ebike available on the planet with world class support from the most reputable bike shop anywhere.
No reflection on Trek... just remember to store your battery 10' underground in a concrete bunker with a halon system as all lithium batteries are on the verge of spontaneous and catastrophic combustion.


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When I bought my Gazelle, I was told that a Trek dealer would be able to work on it because it has a Bosch motor. 2000 miles and the only problem was the chain access plastic thing broke and has to be duck taped back on after lubing the chain. The bike has been ridden on all types of surfaces and I am quite happy with it.