Is Specialized removing 3rd party used battery listings off Ebay?


I got a great deal on Ebay a few weeks back. A 500Wh used Vado battery for $400. It was from a rental company, the top cover was beat up, but who cares since it's just a backup battery for really long rides. I had a really hard time finding a 2nd hand one off ebay. Every time I would see one, it the listing would disappear. I would search for sold and completed listings and see nothing there either. I ended up setting up an alert with a 3rd party website that scans for items constantly. I got an aleart that one was listed, I bought it, and shortly after that ebay removed the listing. The account selling it was a company in Park City Utah that I actually have visted before. I called them up and asked what happened and they said that ebay just removed the auction. They had already received my payment and had it ready to ship so it wasn't a big deal or anything, I just thought it was interesting that the listing was taken down for no given reason. It has me wondering if Specialized is having ebay taking down listings or something.


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Y. O.
Specialized seems to be like Apple is (was) wanting to control every aspect of your purchase and it's future use.
And though they are good products, neither will ever see a nickel of my money for this reason and they can keep thier proprietary and authorized dealer only bs.