Is the archon x1 controller the best PAS experience?


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A few weeks ago, I had no clue about motors. I have an ebike with a bafang hub drive, I think around 350W.

I started looking at Bafang Ultra for the legendary 160nm torque. I also ride electric unicycles, so I wanted something that was just as exciting when throttling from a stop at a red light, and that was my main reason for upgrading my bike, besides improving the ride comfort with better suspension.

Over time my priorities have shifted. I realized that once I get going, I'm content to keep pedaling at around 20mph, unless I'm on a boring stretch of road with plenty of battery to spare.

My current bike has 3 pedal assist levels : level 3 maintains 20 mph, level 4 25, and level 5 goes up to 28mph. And while those speeds are fast enough, I find the cadence sensing and the speed cliffs feeling a bit unnatural. At PAS 3, I exert little effort at all, and the bike is fixed to 20mph, so I'm constantly shifting back and forth whenever I need to slow down or I feel like putting in more work via pedaling.

My research into the bafang ultra showed that the torque sensing pedal assist leaves a lot to be desired. Queue discovery of Wattwagons and the Archon X1 controller. Via Wattwagons Ultimate Commuter Pro, I also discovered the beauty of a gates carbon belt drive, which seems perfect for a motor that is hard on the drivetrain and someone looking for a bike which is low maintenance and will last a long time.


Earlier today I read this article on Electrek about the Evelo Aurora Limited featuring Enviolo Automatic Shifting. This is the first time I've heard of it but IMO there's a lot to like about this bike. Like the UC from wattwagons, it has a gates carbon belt drive and step through commuter frame. Another one is the Priority Embark. Both priced at $4k which is a step below any offerings from WW.

While I suspect that the ultra is more powerful than either evelo's motor or the bosch active plus, putting that aside and considering the pedal assist experience alone, is there a marked improvement in the Archon X1? How does the Archon X1's smooth ramp up compare to the experience of the enviolo continuous variable transmission?


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My comparison to the Archon X1 is against the Bafang Ultra stock controller, and against the Bafang BBSHD that I had installed on a Priority Continuum bicycle. I can say that the Archon X1 is heads and shoulders better at ramp up speed as well as in battery usage since I'm getting almost double my mileage on a single battery charge.