Is the Radrunner EU worth it?


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Howdy Folks,

First time E Bike buyer here, I really like the aesthetics of the rad runner, the vintage moped look feels great! and the max load and ability to carry a passenger are perfect for my needs as I dont drive and this would be my main vehicle of choice! I live in a tiny country called Luxembourg so the range is perfect especially if I bring an extra battery. I was just wondering, I've seen so many reviews for the US model and it looks fantastic but all the reviews I see for the EU version indicate the lower power is a huge issue, a deal breaker even. So I just wanted to ask, is the EU version of the Rad Runner worth it or would I be better off looking for something with a little more power? could anyone share some experience with it?



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I don't have any EU version Rad Power bikes, but if you find it really underpowered, you can always get a Bolton kit.

I know it is going to cost you more to add a kit, but at least you have an option.


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I had a Pedego CityCommuter that I'm pretty sure had a 500W hub motor. It did everything I needed for power and distance, just too tall with the 28" wheels. I sold it and ordered a RadRunner 1. In the US we get the 750W hub but I think its something like a 600W bumped up to run at 750W. The smaller wheels will help with take-off. And as a side note. I thought all EU bikes were restricted to 500W? And like Timpo said, you could always hop it up.


We got a new controller in the EU Rad bikes, meaning, it won't put more than 250 W (at least of the Rhino, I cruise at around 35 km/h (22 mph), can't really reach the top speed of 40 km/h (24 mph)).

The Runner got a new geared motor I believe, for city commuting, I feel like is quite enough if it is not crazt hilly like Paris.

If you are going to purchase another ebike which is still considered a bicycle, it is going to be limited at 25 km/h, acceleration can vary though. You can always try to bypass the basic settings like with Rad ebikes or buy a Speed Pedelec ebike, but it is going to be considered as a Moped.