Is there an easy way to hack my Ancheer eBike controller for more speed?

steve marino

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I have a 2 year old Ancheer eBike that tops out at 15mph (on a good day). The one I owned before, which was exactly the same model, would do 19-20. I once saw something on the web that showed how you could run a jumper to a couple of wires on the controller connector to get more top speed, but now I can't find the article anymore. Does anyone know how to do this? 15 is a little slow, and I know the motor is plenty powerful for 20 mph, but is being limited to 15 for some reason.


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steve marino

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Wow. It worked. Thanks Harry! It took 10 minutes to open the compartment, unplug the wire, and button it back up. Went out for a test ride and it sure felt faster. Came back, grabbed my smart phone and turned on the digihud app (great free app for mileage, mph, etc), and it showed 18-20 MPH, depending on grade. Sweet. Again, many thanks. The difference between 12-14 and 18-20 is pretty dramatic. I guess my older bike didn't have that speed limiter.

The motor sounds like it could easily do 30 MPH, but 20 is good, and in my experience, something like 30 can be a little dicey. Car drivers don't expect a bike to be moving that fast, and they will do some dangerous things like turning in front of you, figuring you're not going that fast.

In case the youtube video disappears, all you do is open the little black plastic compartment on the seat tube, unplug the white wire at it's connection) located in the middle of the wire), and off you go.
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