Is this site bogus?


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One month of threads and comments were deleted from Specialized Turbo. Wonder who controls the forum? Maybe, there is a simple answer. Thanks!


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the site has been changing some stuff and seems to have a few kinks they are working out, doubt it was done on purpose

Ann M.

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@Avao @vincent I'm the Admin for the Forum and we are having some issues with our database again yesterday and today. If you have any info, suggestions of what topics or names of members posting whose work has vanished from the Specialized Turbo section or any other area, please send me a message so I can let Court & the programmer know of the issue. Not sure if we can recover the original material; however, will try!

Thank You for mentioning this, we don't always know this is happening or what forum sections it's happening in unless you let us know.


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@Ann M.

If you click on @Avao's profile page, it states he posted 6 messages, yet when you view all his content only one post is there. So five of his posts are gone, I assume.