Is this the most awesome ebike? (or totally insane?)


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Just happened across these ebikes from a company called "greyp", they have HD cameras front and rear, g-sensors, acelerometers, permanent connection to the internet, gps, fingerprint recognition to unlock, 12000 Watts power, 70Kphr speed and 80min charge time!

The guy on the video is rounding up horses with one.

Is this crazy or does this represent the future of ebikes?

Whats do you think....


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Wow thanks for your input guys n gals. Really positive. I think if in the future (like formula 1 cars) we see this technology seeping through to "normal" ebikes it will be good (Bosch have just patented an ebike battery with 5 times more power) and the "fingerprint recognition" to unlock and re-program the bike to the user is genius. As with anything cutting edge, hi-tech starts very expensive but in time this will be the kind of thing we can expect as normal.


Onyx, Ubco, Zero, and Cake all have beautiful and futuristic takes on electric bikes, and there are lots of nameless creations on Alibaba waiting for an order book to be branded. I admit to an unhealthy infatuation with the Ösa by Cake (@ridecake). But they are all a little too powerful for the bicycle lane. Some obviously lack pedals to even pretend to be bicycles. Depending on where you live, these faults may result in classification/reclassification as motorcycles - needing signals, plates, and licensing like everybody else. Ideally, I'd prefer to stay in the dedicated "bicycle lane" blowing past everyone stuck choking on fumes in the bumper-to-bumper while safely progressing on a stealthy foldaway.


rich c

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When I see the pedals being used as rotating foot rests, I take it out of the eBike category and put it in the motorcycle/scooter category. I vote crazy as eBike future.