Isreal's not playing around with some imports


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"More than 1,000 electric bikes that fail to adhere to Israel's standards were recently smuggled into the country, the Customs Authority announced on Monday. Customs officials at the Ashdod Port arrested and then released on bail the importer of the bikes on Sunday night, suspecting possession of falsified documents that had enabled the import to occur.

The bikes are suspected to have arrived in two April shipments from the Chinese manufacturer Bik Bike, by means of forged customs documents that bore the logo and model numbers of another vendor, the authority said. Nonetheless, safety and integrity checks and the Israel Standards Institute indicated that the bikes in question did not meet Israeli e-bike requirements, according to the Customs Authority.

Although about 300 of the bikes have already been sold to customers around Israel, customs officials have now confiscated the remaining ones, the authority said."