Issue with a Strömer st1


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Hi all,

I can purchase a stromer mountain 25, with a 500w motor instead of 250w platinum 522 battery.( swiss variant)
The bike is almost new < 100 km.
Is there an apportunity to speed up the bike to 35 instead of 25 km/hr sinds the bike has an 500 watt motor he should be capable,of this speed.

If i buy this bike, not from reseller is it possible to upgrade software diy ?

Thanks in advance for the replies,
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russ moir


Mountain 25
Smooth and strong. Suitable for relaxing rides in the country or the city.

Mountain 33*
For steep terrain. For trailers. For child bike trailers.

Power 48*
Highest speed. Suitable for almost any topography

Supported speed Up to 25 km/h Up to 33 km/h Up to 45 km/h
Output 250 W** 500 W 500 W
Torque 20 Nm** 40 Nm 30 Nm
(with ST522 battery)*** 40–100 km 40–90 km 40–80 km


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This one is really mountain 25 500w,
Stromer has made some of them for swiss and a few are sold in other countries.
So the motor is strong but is limited on 25 km/hr.

Roger R

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The Stromer ST1 is fully reprogrammable. One can programme the 500W motor to give a 250W nominal effect (code 1007).
Code 3773 makes it possible to set the max speed. Maybe it is possible to set a higher max speed using this code on the Mountain 25.