It's dead


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Any help appreciated.

My bbs02 is dead.

The display doesn't power.. Hence no power to the motor either.

Battery works, I have multimetered and tested I get full volts from battery and through the cables to the plough before the display.

I assume it's a blown controller, but some threads I've read about blown controller says the display still worked.

Makes me think mine isn't a blow controller.

It also didn't happen when ridding, just plugged it all in one morning and it's dead.




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My bbs02 is dead

Has the bike been ridden previously?

Multi-meters don't measure amperage unless the battery is under a load. The battery may read the proper voltage and may not be capable of delivering proper amperage. Not suggesting this is the problem just pointing out that the multi-meter reading doesn't rule out the possibility it's battery related.

Are you using brakes with electric switches? If you are, unplug the electric connectors to the brakes and give them a try.

Court J.


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Good point, i didnt know that. But i guess i cant really test that cause i cant get power to the unit to put it under load, catch 22 sort of thing.

Bike has run, it's a new kit and I've done about 400km. But now the kit is off the bike and on the kitchen table.

Just battery connect and display connected, no speed sensor or brake things atm. But the power button does nothing, the display won't turn on.

I guess the cheapest thing I can try is order a new controller and see if that was

Does anyone know, if the controller breaks will the display still work or not?


George S.

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I hate to dive into this because I don't have experience with the BBS02.

I understand that if the controller is blown, it will have a burnt odor.

This sort of 'dead' normally suggests a bad connection. Can you check for power at the display? I don't have any idea what the connections are, since my controller is separate and there are just a bunch of wires with connectors that have to go in some sort of box.

If the battery voltage is 'full' the display would not draw enough power to pull it down. There are spurious readings, but you need to put some sort of load on the battery, more than what a display draws.

You could try taking this to Endless Sphere, which is much more technical, but there are people here who know the drive. So far, you aren't having much luck.

There may be a fuse somewhere.


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Thanks, might try the techies over at endless sphere.

There is a fuse on the battery side, it's ok I checked it.

The connections are tricky, but I'll get some jumpers and see if I can test more there.



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So. Got a new controller from paul. Hooked it up and straight away i got power to the display and i thought great!

Put it back on the bike, wired up and took it out. Motor works, display works but the throttle doesnt work and nor do the brake cut offs.

Anyone know it there is another electric part of the motor that needs replacing? Or some other ideas.

While it does work, i do like both the cut off brakes for motor protection and throttle for showoff moments.