It's not the best choice, but you know that's the life of a professional ebike man

Bruce Flash

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This is my second year at BTN ebike, but I have only posted one post on the forum.I want to talk about what have we done over the past year, we registered the company in the United States, for example, our warehouse in North America become more and more big, we go to Shanghai and Denver for ebike exhibition, I know more about this industry, at the same time, I found I reduced the electric bicycle interest - when it become my career, I never tell a lie, that's a fact.

The truth is that you know more about the details so well that all the mysteries lose their exciting possibilities.

I rode the NEW-TRIKE last week, and the photographer shot this short film, which was very cool.

I just want to share, if you like, we can ship one to you in North America, using dropshipping service.We are dropshipping leader!——Oh, sorry, bad line, professional ebike people are always annoying.