Ive lurked on EBR you tube channel.


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Ive pretty much narrowed it to buying a crosscurrent from juiced bikes. But i need advise. Im new to the ebike world. Im about 5ft9in tall at 215lbs. And live in a elevator building in Chicago . The crosscurrent appeared to provide the best value for the dollar. But i have a few thoughts and concerns.

In the videos... the motor whine seems loud. Is that the microphone, or is it that loud?

Can a bike shop support it? As fas as i know there are no dealers in chicago.

In their site the bike is powered by a 350 watt barfang (8fun) geared hub rear motor. How reliable is it? And when the out of electricity, does the motor give resistance to ur pedaling?

Can the controller be modded to remove the speed governer? Why 28mph, and not just round up to 30mph?


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1) Quieter than some other geared hub motors.
2) Don't understand the question. Replacing battery (or even a motor) with identical unit is a DIY job, most bike mechanics should be able to. There isn't much else to "support". Shops selling only non-powered bikes won't have parts though.
3) Average reliability. It's all China, motor and everything else. Bafang is a major supplier though. Plastic gears inside will eventually wear out, nothing is forever.
4) No resistance to pedaling with geared hub motor.


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1) Bafang hubs are fairly quiet but can get loud under load but not loud enough to make a difference or make you say "man that's loud". If you ride in traffic you will not hear it.
2) Yes, some bike shops support ebikes for the bike parts but not the electronics. If you have a Velofix mobile franchise in your area, they will work on your bike. As for the electronics/motor parts, they are generally easy to fix. If you needed to replace your motor, Bafang 350's are cheap and you can swap out the guts without even re-lacing the wheel.
3) Bafang hubs are reliable. Had many for years, no real issues.
4) 28mph is what the law states for Class 3 ebike. Not sure about controller on this bike but generally they can be replaced, you just have to do some soldering.


Alex M

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28 mph is actually a lot for ebike. Many have 20-22 mph max. You might want to check local bylaws if 28 mph is even legal for ebikes.
Talk to Cozy's Cyclery, they sell many ebikes and conversion kits in "windy city", must be able to service too.

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The OP is looking to buy a low-cost $1,500 bike.
Dapu is a nice motor, practically unavailable in after-market neither in kits nor as a bare motor. When motor will need a replacement, he would have to go through E-motion dealers and pay a double or triple compared to Bafang. E-motion bikes use Dapu, though don't advertise this.