Izip Dash vs. Stromer ST1


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Has anyone ridden both? I have ridden the Stromer for about 10 miles but nobody in my area has a Dash. Can anyone describe the feel / differences?



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The lack of the front shock on the base st1 was a deal breaker for me, I remember riding the stromer and after about 30 mins my wrists were a little sore. Granted I purposely rode the st1 over every bump possible, a and in the grass trying to simulate how riding would feel in my neck of the woods. There are a few st1 owners on this site that will surely chime in.


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Hi MarcD! The Stromer electric bikes feel heavier to me and while it's nice to have some cool options in their control interface (and I'm sure the ST2 will have even more) I loved the IZIP E3 Dash because it was simple. The bike has throttle, assist, similar balanced weight distribution and is much lighter (~50lbs vs. ~62lbs)... though possibly not as cool looking with the external battery design.

The Dash is a newer design than the ST1 Platinum or Elite and it uses three sensors (torque, cadence and speed) which makes it very responsive and smooth. The Stromer bikes use a torque sensor (which is still good) but less smooth and refined.

As with Aubrizzle, I also prefer the suspension fork but you can get the ST1 Platinum with it if you want. I'd go even further and consider suspension fork plus a suspension seat post like the Thudbuster or Body Float.


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I have the ST1 Platinum. I rationalized the Platinum just for the suspension over the Elite. I still prefer the Stromer over the Dash just for the "stealth" factor, very important to me. I have not ridden the Dash so I can't compare the actual bikes.

I do have a Thudbuster, but interested in the Float as an even better way of helping w/sore backside.



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Thanks for the replies! I am going to keep searching for models I can test. Appreciate the feedback.