IZIP E3 DASH 2015 PR 2016?


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I have an opportunity to but a brand new IZIP E3 DASH, still in sealed factory box for about $700 less than a brand new 2016. I realize the 2016 has a mid drive motor and hydraulic brakes, both nice improvements but is this worth the difference in price? I realize the 2016 has fenders, rack and lights

Based on reviews it seems that there are other changes with the 2016 that are not as good as the 2015. I

Ann M.

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Mid drive vs. Hub Motor; both work well and no one can tell you that one is exactly better than the other. Each has its strong points and you have to decide what style of power you prefer. The $700 discount is great; however, how has the battery been maintained? Pulled from the box and regularly charged? Remember, this bike was built at some time in 2015. The bike components, motor, console, wiring harness shouldn't have issues sitting in a box but the battery could if that shop didn't periodically (like monthly) charge it.

I've enjoyed my rides on the hub motor version of the Dash and its styling but you've got to determine where you want to ride to better understand which motor system will work best for you.