IZIP E3 Dash 2016 - Motor had sudden issues with not cutting off, able to pedal backwards


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I just got my motor replaced on my Dash, which I owned for less than 30 days before it pooped out. After almost two weeks waiting for a replacement motor it came, but my bike shop didn't bother to get me the headlight I need (snapped off wire after clipping cables coming from display when display was tilted down) or do a bunch of other stuff they said they'd do, and now I'm having a weird problem.

While riding all of a sudden when I stopped pedaling the motor was still going. I tried to stop it and it ended up moving the pedals, cranks and chainwheel backwards, instead of just the pedals and cranks. Now it pedals backwards and even when the battery is off it makes a whirring sound in the motor like it's running (I know it's not running, it just sounds like it).

I ran the diagnostics and the values are all just a tad off and the cadence sensor only registers when I use the boost button, which makes me think there's some sort of problem with at least the cadence sensor mechanism and possibly the bottom bracket. The OBD reading designates a motor replacement is needed.

I am furious, I don't understand this, and I don't want to deal with my bike shop - I'm the first ebike customer there and they act like I'm a royal pain in the ass simply because I know more about this stuff than them because I've researched it. Plus I get the feeling they screwed something up on the install - all of the motor mount bolts are stripped up and nasty looking - the job looks really, really amaterurish and this bike has become a money pit of regret that I can't afford.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what may be the issue? Is there a way I can contact someone at IZIP and bypass my dealer because they aren't helping me with a thing.


I have had good manufacturer support also but my dealer has a relationship with Izip. I was careful to choose a dealer who seemed willing to support my purchase. They typically have 20 ebikes on the sales floor at Richardson Bike Mart in Richardson Texas. But our area, Dallas , needs more users to get more dealers in action.
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While I do not share your model (I have a 2014 with a hub motor) I do share your experience in terms of repairs. I recently posted here requesting recommendations for an experienced E bike mechanic in my area. The administrator gave me three names. I chose the one closest to me and my bike is there now. I have my fingers crossed and I'm keeping hope alive. Good luck!


I should've mentioned but didn't: Izip direct technical support, customer service and warranty responsiveness have been and hopefully will continue to be excellent!