IZIP E3 Dash Video Review

Tara D.

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A Speed Pedalec priced at $2599.00 and comes fully loaded for your commute including fenders, rear rack rated for 40lbs, and fully integrated front and rear lights. A very cool safety feature and my favorite aspect, is that it has a light sensor so when it gets dark out your lights and back-light for the display come on automatically!

https://electricbikereview.com/izip/e... The 2016 IZIP E3 Dash is a feature complete speed pedelec (capable of ~28 mph top speeds) with a high torque mid-drive motor from TranzX. Quality full length plastic fenders from SKS with integrated mud flaps, mid-level suspension fork with lockout, larger wheels and tires for efficiency and comfort. Available in three standard sizes but only black and high-step, quick release wheels with 12 mm rear and 15 mm front thru-axles for stiffness and disc brake alignment, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. No shift sensing on this motor, optional "boost button" for throttle mode up to 20 mph, solid two year comprehensive warranty, integrated LED lights and rack for commuting.


I have the 2014 stripped down version of this Dash. I use Topeak racks on all my bikes and I already have various high lumen lights that attach. I put on after market fenders, horn Garmin and seat. I have gone 2350 miles since September and except for replacing the chain and tuning the bike Still on original tires. I have had no issues. Love it.

Cameron Newland

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Great review, Court.

I'm glad they added a rack, fenders, and lights and lowered the price. The motor seems really loud compared to the silent 2015 version, but I imagine that the improved hill climbing torque probably makes up for that. What strikes me most about the 2016 Dash is the hydraulic disc brakes. They have a huge upgrade in braking feel/perceived braking power over the 2015's mechanical discs.