IZIP E3 Peak speed sensor help

Sam Ebert

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Hey guys, I've looked everywhere and contacted my local IZIP dealer trying to find a speed sensor for this bike. My issue is that I can't seem to find a wheel speed sensor that utilized a 2 wire design and according to the repair instructions from IZIP, the port that you plug the speed sensor into is only a 2 pin spot... Now there is a 3 pin spot next to it that is unlabeled on their diagrams and that makes me wonder if maybe somebody mislabeled it when they created the instructions?

Has anyone here had any experience with these wheel speed sensors? I just bought this bike with the hopes of getting it working and I've readjusted the brake sensors so that the throttle works but I've got no pedal assist and the throttle shuts itself off after a few seconds if it doesn't see wheel speed which it definitely isn't since someone decided to remove the wheel speed sensor... No idea why unless maybe they broke it or something.

Anyways, to sum up. Does anyone know where to get a wheel speed sensor for one of these bikes? And is it supposed to be a 2 or 3 wire sensor?


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