Izip E3 Sumo 2015 Large size. . . is size shrink down possible?


I loved my Diamondback/Izip Overdrive Exec. I had the Rad Rover Fat Bike, but the hub drive was a drawback for me (great bike, just hated the hub).

I had been "eyeing" the Sumo since it came out in 2015. Not a bad price (relatively speaking), but I still could not afford it. The 2016s came out. . . . I saw dealers were closing out the 2015 models. I purchased one online, only to find there had been an error: the only one left in stock was a large, and I ordered a medium. This happened a couple of times. It turns out that there was a packaging error. The box said Medium, but the bike was a large.

I checked everywhere and there wasn't a medium to be found. All sold out. I looked at the geometry and compared it to my Rad Rover. It looks like there are some differences and it appears I can change out the stem and maybe the seatpost.

I'm 5'5" and the large is designed for someone 5'8". Big difference, I know, but I'm wondering if anyone owns an E3 Sumo large or medium and if they could give me some advice on the feel, the size and/or a "shrink down"? I know that some would say the size down is not possible, but I've already bought the bike, so I'll have to work with what I've got. I look forward to encouraging, positive advice. Thanks in advance


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a stem change can do wonders - just an inch or two and a slight rise can make a ton of difference in riding posture.
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