IZIP E3 Sumo

Cameron Newland

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Cool looking bike!

I've heard that fatbikes have terrible handling on the road, though. I think it's really only useful for people who need to ride in snow and/or sand. IMHO, off-roaders would be better off with a full-suspension Haibike.

I am very impressed that they were able to keep the weight under 60 lbs on an electric fatbike – it's only a few lbs heavier than the Dash and with HUGE tires, to boot! Looks like they saved some weight by eschewing a front suspension (most fatbikes don't have suspension, anyway, I guess).


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How well would this fat tire bike do on pavement? If the knobby tires, which I assume will slip when cornering on pavement, were replaced with some sort of universal tire; how well would it do on pavement with air pressure on the high side? I would not be going over 12mph when cornering, so the mass might not be an issue.


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Bought my Sumo 11/16. 2015 model. I live in Western NC in the mountains around Asheville, am 65 y/o and in average physical condition, weigh less than 150 lbs. Having said that the Sumo performs like any another pedelectric in that a number of factors come into play. So far I've ridden it about 400 miles. About two thirds on the road, remainder on moderate trails and gravel roads. It's lots of fun on moderate-easy trails especially up hill, of course. 4 inch tires grip like no other trail bike and you can ride up along the side of the trail to allow another biker to pass or even ride off trail if needed. Problems are there is not a lot of protection for vulnerable, expensive components and no shocks, of course. Also at 57 lbs. it's a lot of mass to try to get back under control when going fast in technical situations. So I am sticking with my regular dual suspension mountain bike for trails. On the Sumo I aired the knobby tires up to max and rode it on road a bit. Didn't much care for the ride quality or noise but liked power and range, especially the long climbs and into head winds. Last week I put 3.5 inch road tires on it, aired them to near max and rode almost 60 miles on half a battery charge. Ride included several one mile climbs at 8 percent grade and one two mile pull. Bunch of rollers. Due to the tire size, mass of the bike it rides a little like a motorcycle except it requires a lot rider input to get the high mileage, of course, and gives you a great a physical workout. But very comfortable. I like it a lot except for the twist grip boost control. If I have the battery turned on, say level 1 assist keyed in, it's easy for me to forget to move my hand away from the boost control when getting on or off the bike. One can only imagine what happens when a 57 lb. bike takes off without the rider. There is a Sumo bike review on YouTube ElectricBikeReview channel.
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