iZip Moda E3 First Ride Report & Updates


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Thank you for the updates Link. I agree that on the bottom mode it seems like it needs a lower gear ratio for going up hills. I too haven't figured out what the range is yet on the various settings. It seems to me for my commute to work, I will be using Tour mode mostly, with a stab to Sport on the very steepest hills and then back to tour at crest of hill.

How many miles do you have on the iZip Moda now? Mine has 180 miles. But, I have only been using it since March 27.

Probably around 600 or so miles on the Moda since I got it early March. I ride almost everyday 20-30 miles between 3 bikes (though mostly on the Moda since I got it). I ride for exercise and the Moda is perfect for that for less offroad oriented stuff although it handle gravel rides fine. As things dry out more I will be on my Bulls eMTB more.

Have an 11-36 10-speed Shimano HG50 cassette and new KMCx10e chain waiting to go on (I was cheap and didnt upgrade cassette when I went to 42t front chainring which would have probably been fine with the stock length chain, which has since been shortened...lesson learned).

Will install new cassette and chain when the new Marathon Plus MTB tires arrive mid-week.

I think using Tour mode exclusively with Sport on occasion is really the best setting. I plan on doing that on almost all my rides. I see no issues riding 40 miles like this (although most of my longest rides top out around 30-35 miles).

Will probably go to an XT derailler and 11 speed shifter and 11-42 cassette after I wear out the KMCx10e chain. Thing about where I live and the rides I do, lower gears always give me more ride options.
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What a relevant thread for me! I've been debating myself between the E3 Moda (on sale for $2000 +$500 for a extra battery I would always want to carry) vs the CCX @ $2,500.

Im looking for a fast commuter, and it seems you prefer the CCX for that. My only gripes with Juiced is that they are online only, have a bad return policy (20% restock), and that I cant test drive it.


Hi, How hard was it for you to replace the chainring? I have been having tons of problems with the chain coming off the front chainring, and I want to put a smaller chainring so that if it does come off it stays contained within the guard. Also, as per our old conversation, lower gear ratio would be good for climbing hills too. What tools did you have to buy and how hard was it to change the chainring?

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Hi, I took my bike to the e-bike dealer that I bought it from and had them replace the front chainring from a 48 tooth to a 46 tooth wide-narrow chainring. This completely fixed my problem of my chain coming off.

I have 1500 miles on my iZip Moda now and I love it. I will order a 11-36 rear cassette and put it on and along with the 46 tooth front chainring I think it will lower the gear ratios enough that it will be a lot better when using the low power setting going up hills.

I guess the next thing that I think would be awesome would be some way to adjust what the settings mean on the bike like Specialized with Brose motors let you do. I would love to be able to make the low setting slightly more powerful say 55% or 60% instead of the 50% that it is now.

Does anybody know how to do this?



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Rick: Just curious why not just replacing the chain would have fixed the problem. Sound like a loose chain or stretched out (worn??) chain. I haven't experienced any chain issues so far. I like my Moda a lot but not as many miles yet as yours.