Jeff I would like to buy version 3 of share roller

Hi Jeff,
Double knee surgery means not riding the MS Tram here in MN like I used to. So, really interested in buying version 3 of share roller. How can a person buy it?

Ann M.

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@Double Knee surgery, it looks like the Version 3 Share roller won't be available until August at the very earliest. Since the Indiegogo pre-order program ended on Feb. 16th, you may want to try emailing the company at It doesn't look like they've responded to similar questions earlier this month on their Facebook page.

Don't now what type of bike you have, there are other friction drive systems with reviews on EBR that you may want to consider which are available now. The Share Roller is unique with the quick mounting.
Thank you Ann. Yes I have been reading all the EBR reviews, and it seems that the share roller is the easiest to mount without dirt getting into the motor. Hoping to buy Share Roller so will wait for August.