jerky throttle issue ...


i'm teaching my dog to ride next to me on my magnum lowrider. i'm using throttle only to start off with but it's very jerky at low speeds and freaks my dog out. my ideal speed is around 4 mph.

my girlfriend has a much less expensive ride1up 700 series ebike and it's smooth as silk from the get-go and at low speeds. can cruise right along at 4 mph. bosco loves it.

is this a correctable situation with the magnum? is it a throttle issue or something else perhaps?



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No first hand experience here regarding your particular bike, but some bikes have throttles that may be affected by what PAS level you are set at. Are you in PAS 1 when this is happening, or maybe a high PAS level?

If higher, maybe see what happens in PAS 1.


I just went through all the pas levels and all the speed options available in the hidden settings menu and nothing makes a difference. herky jerky until i get to 5 or 6 mph. not good at all. i'm going to call the dealer and see what he says. if it can't be 'fixed,' i'll probably wind up selling the bike and getting either another ride1up or a rad city step thru.


just talked to the dealer who said the gearing on the motor is set to be very torquey so that at low speeds it's going be jerky like i've been experiencing it. sigh.