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Well my Ebike search and research has come to an end with my purchase of a Sondors Fold XS in Torch. For me this turned out to be the one.
I decided on a fold bike for several reasons, space storage & transportation, it will go nicely into my security locker or my SUV. Also if down the road I ever decide to sell it, it can fit anyone.
Can't wait to build it and get it on the road, I haven't had a bike for over 20 years and I wanted to get outside and get some exercise. What I remember from when I was younger is having lot's of energy on the way out, but so much on the way back. So I expect the Ebike to help me with graded hills and my journey home. I will report back with a review on this thread. There are so many bike trails to explore, and I even purchased a second battery to make sure I can ride all day, if I want to, or if I decide to be throttle crazy.
Even at the lowest projection for this battery of 40 miles X 2 for 80 miles. I was researching biking times and distances, and 62 miles of trail riding is about 6 hours of biking, that is a lot of biking.
I also considered the Mate-X but I saw some really unhappy people with the customer service not the bike itself, so in the end I decided against it, price was very similar, Also without a dedicated forum here they are just too new. But Sondors has been around longer and every time I contacted them either by phone or internet chat they answered right away and spent time helping me. Other Ebike companies either don't answer emails or their phones in a expedient manner, they need to understand people that want to spend 2K on a bike deserve customer service sooner than later.

Anyways bike specs

  • Motor 750 WATT
  • Controller 20 AMP
  • Battery 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic® cells
  • Range 40-60 miles*
  • Speed Up to 20 mph
  • Charging Includes 3A smart charger
  • Throttle 100% electric ride
  • BrakesHydraulic with 180mm discs

  • SuspensionAdjustable Air Shocks
  • WheelsAluminum rims, front hub with sealed bearings
  • Crank SetPremium 48T
  • Pedal Assist Sensor12 magnet
  • Gears 7-speed with grip shifter
  • Seat Premium ergonomic gel
  • Handle bars Premium ergonomic
  • Kickstand Heavy-duty

  • Color LCD Display Includes USB port and five levels of pedal assist, battery level, speed, distance traveled, etc.
  • Frame Aluminum
  • Tires 20x4"
  • Total Weight 55 lbs
  • Stand over Height 28”
  • Load Capacity 300 lbs
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Well after riding it and putting it through it paces, this is my first impression of the Sondors XS Fold
Ebikes are awesome, I love the throttle, if 10% of the time I don't feel like peddling, I just don't.
This is a 750W hub motor on a 13% grade hill I had to work even on level 5, there is a reason there were no other bikes on this path the grade is nasty for a regular bikes.
I got a ton of exercise worked up sweat, peddled 90% of the time mostly in level 3 which is 50% power, used 5 on the steep hills, I needed it, 5 is overkill on the flats.
I actually found levels 4 and 5 too much off the line to control, better to start low and work up.
Taking the bike for tune up at a LBS.
Ebikes are the future of biking, the versatility is just so strong, and they are so much fun.
The ability to do long range exploring is great.

I highly recommend this bike if you want a top of the line fold style bike, I really like it.


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Well ebiker33, you've had the bike for 5 months or so, what are your opinions now? We have been researching e-bikes for the last 6 weeks pretty heavily and are seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on the Sondors Fold XS Special Edition that they just came out with yesterday. Would like a little feedback if you don't mind since 1800.00 is a lot of money to put out.
Thanks for your thoughts.


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I still like it, and I continue maintain it is one of the best folds on the market with support.
However I live in a hilly area and the rear hub motor doesn't have enough power for heavy grade hills(full throttle is 5mph), my next Ebike will be more expensive and a mid-drive with a full sized frame on the smaller size.
But an Ebike is like a car, keep them for a few years
So for now I have invested in a second battery and Vee speedster tubeless tires which will be installed shortly, I am also upgrading the suspension seat post for this new summer season, I am going to report back after I do all this. I drive enough flat bike paths that it isn't too big of a deal.
They are $1699.00 USD right now, I paid $1899.00 last year. For the price you can't go wrong, the upgrades over the standard fold are so worth it.

Also if you are not set on a fold the Sondors MXS is exactly the same price with 25 amp controller and longer run time on the amp hours for the battery, this is amazing value for what you are getting as well.
The ratings are under reporting the max output due to "laws" on this one. Do the math 25 X 48 is 1200 watts, the fold is only 20 amps I wish I had the 25 amp version for hill climbing bursts.

Here is a customer review of that bike

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