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I started my ebike education and ownership in 2014, when I found the 2 mile, 800 foot hill I live on to be more than I was willing and able to climb anymore. EBR was one of the few places I found with any real information about ebikes. I still enjoy learning about all ebikes, regardless of brand or maker (maker, i.e. DIY or factory built). You never really stop looking for your next bike.

I started with a ProdecoTech Phantom X3 and added a BH Easy Motion Evo 29'er. I've ridden those two bikes for about ~7500 miles and it has been a blast. Currently I'm riding the 29'er solely and preparing the X3 to hopefully give to a friend that has heart disease. I'm hoping a bike with throttle only may help in getting them out of the house, riding and living again.

My first ebike year I was able to do a lot of commuting, this year my miles tend to be more for fitness and recreation, with some commuting trips thrown in. Life changes. The good news is I now have more time and energy for recreation rides, some really long recreation rides, that I could never do without an ebike.

I purchased both ebikes long distance, I wish I had a local ebike shop. The PT was purchased from an online store and the BH over the phone from Crazy Lenny's ebike store. I'm one to do all my own service work, so a forum like this can be a great place to hang out gathering tips and tricks. Though, it's good to know if I have an electrical issue too involved to deal with, I have Lenny on standby waiting to help.

Thanks to everyone on these pages for sharing your experience, EBR's an invaluable resource for the ebiker.


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PT Phantom X3

9er wall.JPG
BH/EM Evo 29'er


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It's really great that you're sharing the X3 with your friend! I hope their health situation is stable and the bike offers some fun and excitement, maybe even improvement to the situation :) great pics as well, stay warm out there JR!