Juggernaut security


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Curious for those of you in high-crime areas what you're using for security? Fat bikes don't make for easy lockups.
Got a Bordo lock for the front, going with a kryptonite fuggetaboutit chain lock for the back. Big and heavy.

Some might say overkill, but my last bike got stolen thusly: the thieves used power tools to dismantle the parkade garage door, cut the lock on the bike locker, and turned my Ulock into a pretzel. Not taking any chances this time ... or at least, I'm not going to make it easy for them.

As well, any quick disconnect for the display? I could see some crackhead with a pocketknife unscrewing it from the bar...


I use a Magnum 3006 Mini U-lock with hexagonal chain, and replaced my QR front and seat stay with allen skewers. So far so good. Heavy, so not something to pack around, but big enough it's easy to loop around the frame. I leave it on the rack I use at work.

Not a high crime area though.


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No quick disconnect displays yet. Bafang doesn't offer that option yet unfortunately!