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I have been checking out fat tire EBikes and was leaning toward the Rip Current by Juiced Bikes and just noticed they just jacked up price by $300 was $1699 on preorder and now $1999 on preorder.Does anyone have any suggestions on a good fat tire bike priced $1699 or lower this bike just jumped a bit too high for me.TKS

Angela M

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I'm really liking my 2018 RadRover after making a few modification for a more forward, less upright ride. Using it for a work out on road, trail & mountain-ish rides -- it's pretty heavy for full-on mountain biking, in my opinion, but you can definitely use it for trail & pavement. Changed out the stock tires due the the pesky thorns in my area, which really helped. Overall, the bike seems like a very well made machine and Rad Power Bikes offers excellent customer service & support, which is a big deal to me. I'm getting great distance with the battery, and it's faasssst when you crank it up! Went for a 30 mile ride the other day and used up only 2 of 5 bars on the battery, but I do like to peddle a lot. If you like a more upright, plush ride then you probably won't feel the need to make any modifications. I'm just used to riding road & mountain bikes so I wanted a more aggressive feel. Happy shopping!

Angela M

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Here's a pic of the modified RadRover beast!
RAD at whiting.jpg


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Compare their specs and prices to find out.

I have compared specs, prices, and there are pros and cons to components on all of these, warranties are the same pros and cons. Many are the same so what makes this company better in your opinion have you had a great experience with them. Things like build quality and customer service we cannot get from company ads.


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When I started to look for my new ride all these company's and brands were foreign to me, after about three months of reading and watching videos I thought Rad Rover was it till I came across this forum and the review of Teo by @america94 .
To put it simply I was very impressed with the owners Benoit approach to providing a better quality and components on his bike at a very affordable price for folks like me.
Everything that I had expected from the bike was delivered, the workmanship of all the welds to the paint finish is first class as well as all the components.
This may not be a bike for everyone however it is one for me, if it broke today I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
That is just my 2 cent input.
add pictures...
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