Juiced HyperScorpion Error 8. Suggestions for Fix?


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I got delivery of my Juiced HyperScorpion a few weeks ago and I have put about 30 miles on it.
Over a week ago, I was coming home and the motor cut out, and I got Error 8 on the display. I looked online and the only suggestion I saw to remedy this problem was to disconnect/reconnect the motor cable. I tried that and it did not fix the problem.
I also entered a request on the Juiced website, but have only received an automated response so far.
Does anyone know what else I could try to get my bike running again?



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You'll probably have to wait for Juiced to respond and confirm the fault. When you unplugged the motor cable did you look to see if any of the pins were bent? also; it is very easy to think that the motor cable is connected yet it is not all the way seated. Look on YouTube for a couple videos, check the pins are not bent, check that you lined up the connectors correctly, and give it an extra good push.